How to Bid on Projects for Freelancers

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Independent contractors can usually find work through bidding on projects for freelancers online. Many job auction websites can be found online, some accept freelancers globally while others are only open to freelancers located in a particular area. There are jobs that are only specific to particular continents, one or several countries or specific to a particular culture.

The first thing to do when looking for a freelance job is to sign up or register in a job auction or bidding site like 4eHire Freelancers. Make sure that the site targets audience near your area or location. Fill in the online form and be as accurate as possible especially when it comes to your area of expertise, education, skills and experience. Clients will usually find candidates with well-written profiles and work experience more attractive than those with a half filled resume or portfolio.

Search for jobs according to category (or categories) most appropriate to your skills and experience. This will save on time and effort in looking for the ideal job for you. Another way is to use a specific keyword(s) for your job that  is especially applicable when looking for a specific duty or responsibility of a job. Check on the qualifications and requirements for the job. Make sure you fit the description or you have the skills that the client is looking for. Do not just submit bids on projects you consider are a good fit without examining the project.

Look at the project's budget requirements. Is the price range acceptable to your terms? Do you think the price range is appropriate to the amount and nature of work needed to complete the project? Ask yourself how much you are willing to be paid in order to get the job done. Make sure you set a competitive price so employers will consider you for the job. Your chances of getting the project also become higher if you set a prompt (but realistic) target date for finishing the job.

Finally, before bidding on any projects, it would be best to have a business portfolio prepared so you can send in samples along with your bid. Clients can better appreciate your work if they see sample photos, achievements, finished projects and additional qualifications on your portfolio. Make sure to choose the best projects you have done previously. Sample photos should be clear and well lighted. You can also add positive feedbacks and recommendations from previous clients so clients will be more confident in hiring you.

If you are a beginner, make your bids lower than the average bidders to compensate for the lack of experience or lack of an impressive portfolio. As more jobs come your way, you can gradually increase your rate to make it more proportional to your skills and experience. If you have good feedbacks from previous clients, it will be easier for you to raise your rates because they would not mind paying higher as long as they can guarantee a better quality of work. Feedback and rating are everything to a freelancer. Therefore, you must see to it to deliver the best job that you can on a timely manner and be professional when dealing with clients at all times.

Of course you can register at 4eHire Freelancers to advertise your services and look for projects that fit your skills. Also you can add a portfolio to your profile over time. You can sign up as a 4eHire Freelancer here.


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