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First the Buyer needs to find the perfect service match or accept a winning bid. As the buyer, when you find a service/freelancer that matches your project you can then purchase the specific service by Following These Three SIMPLE Steps....

Step 1 - DEPOSIT

As the Buyer you deposits funds into your account (using paypal) to cover the cost of the service you want to buy. You need funds to buy a service.

Step 2 - ESCROW

The Buyer then Transfers Money from his account into an escrow account. When you're satisfied you release the funds to the freelancer.


The payment goes into the freelancers account. The Freelancer requests withdrawal of funds. Admin sends Money to Freelancers PayPal account.

4eHire Service Charges

Escrow Payments

All escrow payments are held by 4eHire until the buyer is satisfied with the work undertaken by the freelancer. Only then are the funds released to the freelancer. This is to protect the buyer and to hold high standards of service to 4eHire Freelancers.

Please Note: Although 4eHire has set these fee's according to the current climate, 4eHire reserves the right to alter these service fee's without notice.

Buyer Fee's

Deposit Fee (Fixed) $0.30
Deposit Fee (Percent) 3.6%

That means to deposti $10.00 will cost: $10.00 + $0.30 + $0.36 (3.6%) = $10.66

Escrow Fee's

Escrow Fee (Fixed) N/A

Withdrawal Fee's

Withdrawal Fee (Fixed) $2.00

This is a basic administration fee.

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